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Are you searching for solutions in the health, senior and social care industries?

· Does your business want to connect with other businesses?

· Or are you a business that wants to talk to consumers?

Big Apple Health News & Events LLC. can help you make the connections and engage in this sector with the right services and a targeted purpose. We cut through the complexities and help you to understand what’s really going on in the health, senior and social care sectors in New York and the rest of the nation.

We assist you in identifying the constraints and finding the opportunities.

Big Apple Health News & Events LLC will ask the tough questions and deal with the issues that impact the public.


Big Apple uses a variety of techniques:

· Educational and networking events

· Seminars

· Public forums

· Targeted health and senior care periodical publications that inform, educate, advocate, inspire  and celebrate.

These are some of the ways in which we help you to reach the health, senior and social service communities.

We help you build the perfect platform for you to promote your brand and connect with engaged audiences while supporting those who provide care.

That’s what makes us unique and more effective.

Personal connections stimulate the synergies that provide the sparks and insights that make business connections work.

Contact us. Let us show you how we may help you.


Don't wait! Call and let us make the connection!

1 (347) 210-9832

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